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Shizuo Heiwajima
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Player: Laena
Canon: Durarara!!
Canon Point: post novel volume 13
Alignment: Sosyne
Date of Entry: 8/01/2014
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Age: 25 ('14) 26 ('15) 27 ('16) 28 ('17)
Birthday: January 28
Eye Color: Brownish Yellow
Hair Color: Originally dark brown, dyed blond
Height: 185cm (6'1")
Amulet: Link and will be turning purple as it develops. Probably darker, unfortunately.
Appearance: Bartender suit. With dark purple/blue tinted sunglasses. Seriously that is ALL HE WEARS. Except now he's in a different place. Without his closet full of bartender suits. He probably wouldn't want to wear the original one often because it's like a memento of home. Instead he'd probably find clothes that are likely similar. Simple buttoned shirts (mostly white), dark pants (black slacks), and maybe another replacement vest. But that's iffy. Otherwise just a simple and clean style. His shoes he could probably reuse again, and his sunglasses are still always there.
Contact: [plurk.com profile] laenavesse

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Apr. 21st, 2020 01:51 am
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If you have any crit you want to slam with me, GO FOR IT. There are times when I feel spot on, and times where I'm just like "Auuuuuuuuuugh D8" so seriously, I'll take whatever crit you can give.

Anon on, comments screened, IP not logged.
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[ Note: Most of his BG is novel based, but the anime covers volumes 1-3. There are very few discrepancies between the two mediums, though the anime changed the timeline slightly to better fit its medium. Regardless, I'll be sticking to mostly the novel events and information since he is coming out from the novels rather than the anime. Since volumes 2 and 3 haven't been translated yet (because of the anime covering it), I'll be drawing some details there. I'll make distinctions and notes where the novels and the anime differ, but it really won't affect it all that much.

ALSO: Durarara!! basically runs off the concept of synchronicity. All of the events that occur will at some point or another affect the others in the main cast, Shizuo included. So while I focus on the events involving Shizuo, I also make brief allusions/summaries to any of those plots.

A nice index that links to all the available (fan) translated material can be found here. Most of the novels have been completely translated with the exceptions of 2, 3, 11, and 12. Parts of these novels can be found with 3, 11, and 12 currently on-going.]


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Today marks the end of Shizuo's stay, and since he was here from the start, I think it's only fitting to have a final "development" analysis. This won't be as long as the one I did for Alvin I lied it wound up being just as long, and it's definitely just as rambly. Anyway, enjoy!


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Sep. 3rd, 2016 01:26 am
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Who: Shizuo Heiwajima and unfortunate souls
Where: various
When: 5/17-5/21
Format: first preferred!
Summary: Shizuo's had his amulet replaced and while he's been pretty good about it lately, he still has anger issues. Anger issues that you don't want to go out of control. But when he's not getting set off from the tiniest thing, he is super zen. So zen maybe you'll want to chill with him a while.


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[Obligatory "anything else" option for those who may want a more normal interactions with him. He'll still be affected, but it can be downplayed for those who choose this option. Means for contact same as in A-2.]
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[Sticking continuing threads here because captcha is annoying. Original post here.]
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Any messages that may be delivered to Shizuo can be left here!
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So Shizuo's CR is going to be a bit. Interesting. There are four categories:

  • Positive. Basically family and really close friends. These are people he would do almost anything to protect and he will be very quick to come to their help. They are also people he absolutely trusts and knows he can go to if he needs help. Of course he wouldn't want to trouble them either. These are people he also absolutely doesn't want to hurt. Maybe a thwap to the forehead, but he would try his damnedest to not harm them in any way.

  • Neutral. This is where most everyone is probably going to be for a while. He'll still be friendly and polite, and he'll also help them out if in a pinch. But they're like the "friendly neighbors," the people whom he runs into the street from time to time. However, fair warning. You are not immune from his rage induced outbursts. He might apologize later, but if he thinks you deserve a vending machine being thrown at you, then it's going to happen. He'll try to walk away or resolve whatever made him pissed off to begin with, but no promises.

  • Negative. Congratulations, you managed to piss off Shizuo enough times that he considers you scum and thinks you deserve whatever crap that comes your way. These are mostly to those are like punks, gang members, harassers, cheaters, liars—people who just live a more chaotic and sketchy life. They're not necessarily "dangerous" but they are "bad enough." These people will definitely feel the wrath of Shizuo within five seconds of pissing him off as he will not hold back if it's clear they're dirt and belong with the dirt.

  • Kill on sight. You do NOT want to be in here. This is his absolute shitlist and currently the only person in his canon who sits in this horrible void is Izaya. If you make it down here, you have done a lot of bad things. These are the people whom he will throw things at on sight and just hearing their name will set his temper rising. So yes. Don't be in this category if you don't want to be thrown off the island.

  • Uncategorized. Threaded with at least once and there were some interesting things that happened.

And to make it a little easier since I try to at least tag him out as much as possible, I'll only add people he's interacted enough to get some kind of impression and would likely meet again (either ICly or through OOC plotting).

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All the links to Shizuo's activity with brief summaries.

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